How badly do you want a boost for the whole day?¬†‚ÄstBuying ginger¬†and¬†letting this¬†ginger steep in tea or chewing the raw ginger are outdated.¬†Your boost for the whole day is concentrated by JuiceXpress and available in a 30ml bottle.¬†Pure ginger in combination with fresh lemon and fresh apple is a fact within one sip.¬†Ditch your caffeine bomb, coffee, and go for the beneficial side effects of ginger.

Is ginger unhealthy ?
No definitely not!¬†But overuse of anything is harmful.¬†That is why JuiceXpress limits itself to 30ml per day during a juice cure.¬†Your body does not need more than 30 ml per day.¬†This 30ml replaces your 'cup of coffee'.¬†It will be no coincidence that the term 'bakkie pleur' ‚Äč‚Äčand JuiceXpress' ginger shot were both born in Rotterdam.¬†One small change in the morning can provide a long-lasting positive effect.

Do you know our most important ingredient for the ginger shot?
Ginger is often described as a powerful spice with a strong flavor and a spicy touch. Ginger is the root of the ginger plant. The ginger root can be used whole. It is used for various drinks such as ginger beer, ginger ale and ginger tea. The root is also indispensable in various Eastern dishes. In addition, it is also used in Chinese and Indian medicine, but Western experts also embrace this powerful root with an anti-inflammatory property. 

How ginger can also help your body
The ginger shot is most effective on an empty stomach in the morning. Everyone can also use a little extra spice in the morning. The shot can then be optimally absorbed and help to expel waste. Ginger is also anti-inflammatory because of its antibacterial properties. Not for nothing that ginger is used in medicine! Ginger can even counteract cholesterol .

Did you know that you can also lose weight with ginger ? Ginger ensures an increased absorption of nutrients so that you experience less hunger after eating. It can also be beneficial for your metabolism (burning) and bowel movements. Did you also know that ginger is packed with vitamins and minerals? If you get enough of this and the absorption is also optimal, your body works like a well-oiled machine. All processes in the body then run more smoothly, including weight loss.

Attention all ladies with menstrual pain! The versatile root can help relieve your period pain. Ginger is a natural blood thinner (Caution!) and ensures good blood flow. The blood that you lose also becomes thinner and therefore the severe cramps become less. It can also reduce nausea.

Especially in winter we see the popularity of the ginger shot increasing. In the winter months, your body screams for an extra boost for his / her immune system. Ginger acts against the onset of colds and flus. In addition, bad breath in the morning can be remedied with ginger due to the antibacterial substances. No problem to rot in your nest for a while longer. Ginger is an extra boost in winter and nice and refreshing in summer.

All these benefits in a 30ml shot of ginger for a modest price of ‚ā¨3.